Reopening Massage Practice on June 15

The Ontario Ministry of Health has given permission for Registered Massage Therapists to start the process of gradually returning.

We have always been taken client’s safety and health as first priority. We have updated our practice procedures and our sanitation protocols to provide a safe environment for our clients and therapists.

According to the guidelines from the regulatory body, there are a few steps needs to be taken by both therapists and clients.

To maintain a safe environment, please read the following:

1.Please fill out the COVID-19 screening questionnaire online before your arrival; if you are not able to do so, please complete the screening questionnaire at your arrival.

2. Please come to the appointment as closed to your scheduled time as possible to avoid traffic at the reception area.

3. Clients are required to wear a clean disposable or reusable mask that can be worn throughout the treatment.

4. Please wash your hands with soap or sanitize your hands upon arrival.

5. To avoid the traffic at the front desk, please make you payment before the treatment.

6. Before leaving the clinic, please wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer.

In the meantime, extra sanitation and disinfection will take place after each treatment.

There will be a 30 mins window between each clients to avoid clients from bumping into each other and to allow air exchange in the treatment room.

All therapists will be wearing masks.

All common areas such as door knobs, counters and treatment table will be cleaned with soap water followed by disinfectant between clients.

According to the guidance from the regulatory body, all clients need to pass the COVID-19 screen test to receive the treatment.

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